Colombia’s Yeison Jiménez Signs Global Management Deal With Vibras Lab

Vibras Lab, the management company headed by J Balvin co manager Fabio Acosta, has signed Colombian Yeison Jimenez to its roster for global representation. VVibras Lab, the management company headed by J Balvin co-manager Fabio Acosta, has signed Colombian Yeison Jimenez to its roster for global representation.  Jiménez, who is signed to Sony Colombia, is one of the leaders in […]

From DJ Khaled to Anitta, Miami Entertainers Praise ‘Entertainment Mecca’

The Miami entertainment market pulsates with energy — from top musicians and producers to broadcasters and content creators. With this list, Variety celebrates the Miami movers and shakers shaping pop culture. Founder, Vibras Lab At 17, Vibras Lab founder and J Balvin manager Acosta launched a production company that would put together metal concerts in abandoned bodegas […]

Billboard’s 2021 Top Business Managers

Touring income plummeted. The value of song catalogs soared. Government loans flowed fast. And these money men and women held it all together for their superstar clients. TThe music industry’s leading business managers serve as financial advisers, tax accountants and fiscal therapists for artists and executives alike — and they have long preached the importance […]

Fabio Acosta: “El momento de la música latina llegó para quedarse”

El empresario y manager de artistas como J Balvin y Cazzu analiza la compleja coyuntura de la industria musical frente a la pandemia, pero también nos habló de su carrera, el trabajo que se requiere para posicionarse en lo más alto a nivel mundial y de su pasión por la radio. “Empecé a involucrarme en […]

Billboard’s 2020 Top Business Managers: ‘Stay The Course’

On the Eagles‘ Hotel California tour this year, the band’s set includes “Life’s Been Good,” a Joe Walsh classic that might well be rock’n’roll’s greatest tribute to business managers. “I live in hotels, tear out the walls,” sings Walsh. “I have accountants pay for it all.” Business managers play a little-seen but essential role for every successful artist, […]